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CCTV Installers-workmanship


Key focus on workmanship.


In most cases when looking for CCTV installers very little attention is given to workmanship. In our humble opinion the most advanced equipment is only as good as the installation.

Always focus on how much attention the sale representative gives towards the importance of having good installation team. This is very important and also shows the confidence he has in his team.

The CCTV trade identity is not only built on good service and quality products, but also on it’s workmanship. If you as a potential CCTV buyer puts focus on workmanship, you are contributing to higher standard CCTV installations.

Always keep in mind that a quality installation completes the whole CCTV package. Please take the time to go through the valued information provided to assist you in selecting the best installer for your requirements.

Selecting CCTV installers/technicians.

When contacting their reference’s ask the following questions.

Did the technicians:

a) wash dirty marks of the walls,trunking and pipping after completion.

b) discard waste materials.

c) insure that all connections are hidden at cameras to prevent tampering.

d) make sure that cable ties are  cut/tied back in a neat fashion.

e) insure that cables did not run parallel with any High Voltage power cables.

f) leave any visible loose CCTV cables.

g) leave any exposed wiring that can possibly cause a short.

h) consider the public and working environment of the staff.

i) arrive promptly on site everyday during contract period.

Advantages of quality workmanship.

a) Using products to its full potential.

b) Decreasing call outs after warranty expires.

c) Less maintenance needed saving you money long term.

d) Allows for easy upgrading which also makes it more cost effective.

e) Adding value to your property.

f) Giving you peace of mind when installation is finished.

g) Increasing your trust in the surveillance system installed.

h) Increasing your trust in the CCTV installers and their company.

i) Contributes to higher standard CCTV installations.


Need a quotation? Have one of our strategic CCTV consultants come see you and give you the proper advice you deserve.